Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Grand Fantasia Lovers system

Grand Fantasia Lover systemPlayers on Grand Fantasia can even become a couple. After becoming a couple, the players obtain various benefits in and out of combat. The first step is to confess your love to someone and depending on their answer they will either become a couple or simply reject the offer.

Love Coins

Couples obtain love coins, and there are various ways to obtain them such as completing couple quests, as well as receiving a weekly amount of love coins depending on the levels of both of the players. The love coins can be spent at the sweet love couple store and players can purchase buffs, extra bag space, equipment modifications, upgrade perks, potions, and couple skills.

Grand Fantasia Couple system

Other Advantages Include:

  • An extra 10% exp when out killing monsters
  • Ability to see your partner anywhere on the map
  • And even during Valentines day, couples will receive a 10% boost in exp, item drop rates and buffs

Of course players are always free to break up with their partner, although you will lose all of your love coins and will have to wait at least 24 hours until you can start a relationship with anyone else.

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