Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Grand Fantasia Master System

Grand Fantasia Master SystemThis is a very interesting Grand Fantasia Feature that allows players to allocate some of their experience gained from battles into a separate exp bar in order to obtain master skills. Players can choose to allocate anywhere between 0-100% of their normal exp into their master exp. Once players earn a certain amount of master exp they will obtain a Master Point.

At level 45 players can begin allocating their master exp and start obtaining it. Also the first tier of master skills open up with each skill requiring 2 master points to upgrade.

At level 60 the next tier opens up, with new legendary skills that require 4 points to upgrade

Finally after reaching level 75 the third and final tier becomes available, which contains mystic skills that require 6 master points to upgrade.

All the master skills have a level cap of 10 and players lose 10% of their master exp whenever they die.

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