Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Grand Fantasia Mounts

Grand Fantasia Flying MountsThere are many different types of mounts on Grand Fantasia. Some of the mounts can only be summoned once for single use, while others can be summoned an infinite number of times and stay with you permanently. Some of the Mounts require a certain level to ride them and the higher the requirement, the higher the speed boost players can expect from them. There are two types of mounts, land mounts or flying mounts. Flying mounts have no obstacle restrictions when they fly up high enough and tend to be a lot faster than the land mounts.

Grand Fantasia Mounts
  • Temporary mounts are mounts that can only be summoned once and are usually obtained through quests. They only offer a 30% speed boost.
  • Faction Mounts can be purchased after reaching a certain amount of reputation with a faction.
  • Special Mounts can be purchased from the Grand Fantasia cash shop or obtained through various hosted events.

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