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Grand Fantasia Sprites(Pet system)

Grand Fantasia Sprite CraftingGrand Fantasia has one of the most sophisticated pet systems that introduce a lot of unique aspects to the feature. For example player owned pets have their own house, where players can place furniture that they either obtain or purchase. Pets can also be sent out to gather or craft items, participate in duels and much more. Players aren't limited to a single sprite, they can have multiple sprites, although they get one as soon as they start, which can be visually customised by the players themselves. Sprites can even get various costumes and accessories that can be purchased from the cash shop.

Sprite Evolution

Grand Fantasia Sprite EvolutionAs player's pets progress in terms of levels they will evolve at certain levels. At the start your pet will not have a body and it will just be in the form of a blob. At level 21 it will finally gain a body, at level 51 it will grow wings and finally after reaching level 71 it will reach its final evolutionary stage and it will have a constant sparkle/glow effect. In order to evolve your pets after reaching those levels you need to talk to an NPC in Ilya in order to evolve them each time.

Sprite Mood

It is very important to make sure that players keep an eye on the Sprites Mood. Because their mood determines how well they perform when they are out gathering or crafting items for the player. If your sprite fails to collect an item or something bad happens to them while they're gathering/crafting items their mood will go down. In order to cheer your sprite up, you need to chat with them in order to try and cheer them up.

Sending your Sprite Out

Players can also summon their sprites to come to their aid. Sprites gain exp while fighting alongside the player and even help fight the monsters themselves. Summoned sprites also collect any loot dropped by the monsters and have a rage of skills that they can use to help battle them.
Grand Fantasia Sprites


Each sprite can have up to 3 different gathering/crafting skills and gain exp in them while they're out gathering/crafting. After sprites gain a certain amount of exp within a particular skill, it will level up and after reaching higher levels, sprites can gather/craft much better items. Sprites are also limited to how much they can gather depending on how much stamina they have, therefore players need to give them a chance to rest before sending them out to craft/gather again. 

Wild Sprites

Wild Sprites can be obtained from various monster drops, and if players look after their wild sprites, they can even gain reputation with the sprite kings. Also by leveling in certain areas that contain altars, players can obtain certain items that can give reputation when brought to the altars. This reputation can be exchanged for valuable items.

Sprite Battles

Grand Fantasia Sprite PVPIn order to participate in the Sprite Battles, players need to own a sprite that is at least level 21 and evolved at least once, and then purchase a Sprite Stage Invitation for 1 gold for each battle, afterwards joining a queue in order to fight another player's sprite.

As sprites fight in this event, their damage skills will increase whenever you use them as well as your defence against certain attacks when attacked by those skills. This event is sort of like a rock paper scissors game, because its a guessing game and players have to choose 8 different attacks before the battle and then they are matched against the opponent's 8 attacks. And depending on which attack you picked, it will either be stronger, weaker or the same as your opponents.

If your sprite wins, you will obtain a victory rune, 10 victory runes can be exchanged for a reward.

More Information on the Official Grand Fantasia Website: http://grandfantasia.aeriagames.com/guide/sprites

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