Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Grand Fantasia Summoning

There are a few different types of summons available on Grand Fantasia that are available to specific classes or after completing and participating in certain quests/events.

Grand Fantasia Shadow Panther Vanity Pets

Vanity Pets can be summoned after completing certain quests or participating in certain events. These pets tend to have low stats overall and aren't very useful compared to most other pets.

Ranger's Shadow Panther Summon skill

Ranger's obtain a shadow panther as a skill, which can boost the summon's stats after reaching certain levels. The Shadow Panther also has a couple of skills and is a melee type beast.

Necromancer Summons

Grand Fantasia Necromancer Summon Skills
Finally these are definitely the most powerful summons available in the game. Purely because Necromancers specialise in summoning and are very well known for their summoning abilities. They have a range of powerful summons with their own skills at their disposal, including: Hell Hound, Luiche Mage, Corpse Golem, Hell Demon, Frost Liche, Anubis Jackal, Hell Butcher and a High Hell Demon.

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