Thursday, 19 June 2014

How realistic should MMORPGs really be?

How realistic should MMORPGs beAlthough it is generally a good thing for games and MMORPGs to be as realistic as possible, it can sometimes be a bad thing. For example having a weight limit in inventories might seem like a very logical and realistic thing to have, although more than anything it's just an annoying feature for any MMORPG to have. Another feature is running stamina which runs out whenever players are running at full speed, although some MMORPGs have allowed players to be constantly running, some MMORPGs only allow players to walk or sprint. Which means whenever they run out of stamina, they are forced to slowly walk across the map, which doesn't enhance the gameplay in any way and just slows things down.

Realistic gameplay and MMORPGs/games don't seem to mix well in most cases, it just seems to reduce the quality of gameplay and therefore MMORPGs need to be very careful which aspects they decide to make realistic, while deciding which ones are to be kept completely unrealistic or non-logical. Sometimes even aspects such as unlimited ammunition such as unlimited arrows/bullets can be considered a better item than forcing players to keep buying them for the sake of realism.

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