Thursday, 19 June 2014

Key Bindings on MMORPGs

Key Bindings in MMORPGsThe great thing about key binding on PC MMORPGs is that players get a large variety of separate key bindings due to the large amount of keys on a keyboard, opposed to console MMOs where players are severely limited compared to PC gamers. The purpose of these key bindings is to make gameplay easier, by setting up certain functions to any of the keys on your keyboard. This also allows you to set certain skills to certain keys, all depending on your playstyle preference. Key bindings are almost crucial in a lot of PVP modes on MMORPGs, meaning console MMOs will struggle to stay as competitive as PC MMOs due to their lack of key binding optimisation. Key bindings appear on nearly every MMORPG out there, making the gameplay a lot more convenient for players.

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