Monday, 9 June 2014

Mabinogi Dungeon Instances

Mabinogi DungeonsIn Mabinogi a lot of the dungeons can be very challenging. Each dungeon is separated into many different chambers, and the larger the dungeon, the more chambers it will contain. In order to enter a dungeon a player needs to drop any item in their inventory when standing on the dungeon entrance platform. Whether you drop gold or a random piece of loot doesn't make any difference, so there's no point in dropping anything rare.


Mabinogi Dungeon Boss MonstersThere are various difficulties for each dungeon, and whenever you drop an item, the dungeon will always be in normal difficulty, in order to access other difficulties players need to aquire and drop various scrolls that can either be obtained from quests or from monster NPCs. The higher the difficulty, the more chambers you will have to go through and more powerful monsters you will have to face. Also the boss monsters may change and the rewards are much better with higher difficulties.

Dungeon Chambers

Once inside the dungeon players are required to unlock doors to other chambers as they progress. Some doors unock on their own, while others require keys or levers to be pulled in order to open. In some cases some rooms need to be completely cleared of monsters before the next one unlocks, while in other rooms players can just run through all the monsters and access the next room.

Mabinogi Dungeon Rewards Rewards

Many rooms have random treasure chests that contain various loot, although once a player clears the dungeon, after killing the final boss monster at the end there is a chest that players can unlock and collect their reward, which is usually much more significant than the items or loot in other chests. If there is more than one player in the dungeon, then both players get a key each, and there is always a chest at the end of the dungeon for each player of the group ( e.g for 2 players theres 2 chests, for 5 there's 5 chests etc..) which is a great way to prevent players from fighting for loot and making sure everyone gets rewarded.

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