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Mabinogi Field Boss Monsters

If you've played and Explored the World of Mabinogi for long enough you may have discovered certain monsters that stand out from other monsters in terms of appearance and strength. There are quite a few Boss monsters across Mabinogi, some appear on their own, while others have groups of minions assisting them. Sometimes when you battle normal monsters you can obtain a famor command scroll from them, which notifies you of any nearby boss monsters that respawn. Using the scroll also notifies all the nearby NPCs about the field boss monster, thus allowing other players to find out about the field boss monsters by talking to the nearby NPCs.

There are many different field boss monsters but here is a list of some of the strongest monsters you will encounter ( you will most likely a strong group of players to defeat either of these boss monsters):

Mabinogi Desert Dragon

The Desert Dragon

Mabinogi Fraire DragonThe Desert Dragon is potentially the strongest monster in Mabinogi, with a massive amount of hp as well as a range of powerful abilities such as its Fire breath and petrifying roar while airborne. When it fights on land it uses different abilities including Tail attack and dash attack . The Desert Dragon spawns once every week in real time/ 1 year in Mabinogi time and it drops a list of valuable rewards. It's important for someone to have music of peace while fighting this boss, because when it reaches low hp it will attempt to flee, and if you don't have rank 9 or above music of peace, it will get away.

The Prairie Dragon

Mabinogi Giant SandwormAnother fearsome dragon that inherits pretty much the same skills as the desert dragon. After 30 minutes the Prairie dragon may choose to flee at any point, so it is important to take it down as soon as possible. This Dragon also drops many valuable and rare rewards. The Prairie Dragon spawns only once every two days

The Giant Sandworm

Mabinogi IfritThis boss monster appears deep in the deserts, and it never spawns alone. Players will have to fight against two of these beasts, and will require to beat them in 30 minutes or less, because the giant sandworm only stays surfaced for about 30 minutes. The Giant Sandworms spawn once every two days. What makes them especially challenging is that they tend to go underground during combat, preventing players from inflicting any damage to them.


Ifrit is a very intimidating and powerful boss monster, it is referred to as the curse of the flame. It can slam the ground with its powerful weapon, inflicting aoe damage to nearby players as well as summon an army of salamanders to its aid. Ifrit spawns once every 3-4 days real time, depending the area, since it spawns in two separate places.

More Information on different types of bosses, locations and item drops at the official Mabinogi website:

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