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Mabinogi Hidden Ruins

Mabinogi Dungeon RuinsThere are many secrets on Mabinogi, amongst those are hidden ruins that change locations once every week, in order to be rediscovered by players. The ruins work in a similar way as dungeons do in Mabinogi, once the player finds one of the hidden ruins, they need to drop an item front of the altar in order to enter the instance. There are many interesting features in the dungeon ruins, such as various unique traps and new monsters with unique features such as turning invisible in order too recover hp.

There are different types of ruins across Mabinogi including:

Karu Forest Ruins:

Mabinogi Secret RuinsThe first player who discovers the Karu Forest Ruins will obtain the 'The One Who Discovered Karu Forest Ruins' title, which gives very exceptional stat boosts, as well as a 'Strange' Enchantment Scroll. The difficulty in the Karu Forest Ruins Depends on the item that you drop at the Ruins altar. Players have to obtain pieces of the monsters in the Karu Forest Ruins while having the 'Suspicious' title Equipped, so that they can drop the piece of the monster at the altar to access higher difficulties the next time they access the Ruins.

The Maiz Prairie ruins

Mabinogi RuinsJust like the Karu Forest Ruins, the first person to discover the Maiz Prairie Ruins will obtain the title 'The One Who Discovered Maiz Prairie Ruins' along with the 'secret' enchantment scroll. Once players complete the 'Glowing Stone Gargoyle Statue' quest which can be obtained at the Qilla Base Camp Quest board, players will obtain a collection book, and once they complete it, they will gain access to a much more difficult Maiz Prairie ruins difficulty.

Longa Desert Ruins

First person to discover these ruins will gain 'The One Who Discovered Longa Desert Ruins' title together with a 'Mirage' enchant scroll. Players can enter the ruins the same way as the others, by dropping an item by the altar, and once the ruins are cleared and the boss is defeated, it has a chance to drop several different types of arrows, that can be dropped at the altar to access higher difficulty levels of the Longa Desert Ruins, by dropping them at the altar. Afterwards players can obtain a 'mysterious arrow' in the higher difficulty level in order to unlock an even higher difficulty, where players will encounter unique monsters that can't be encountered anywhere else.
Mabinogi Par Ruins

Par Ruins and Snow Crystal Ruins

Unlike most ruins the Par ruins never changes locations. There is also a difference in the experience if humans and giants go in the dungeon together. The Par ruins is made up of two parts: the regular Par Ruins and the Crystal ruins. The Crystal Ruins can only be accessed after obtaining a 'Snow Crystal' after players clear the Regular Par Ruins dungeon. The Crystal Ruins offer players different ways to battle the boss monster at the end of the dungeon depending on what races your group consists of. The Dungeon also contains four floors with many unique monsters such as snow Zombies.

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