Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Mabinogi Housing system

Mabinogi Housing system
The housing system on Mabinogi is called the Homestead system and it is a very sophisticated and detailed feature. The Homestead system works in different levels (in order to level up their homestead players are required to do various tasks such as placing their homestead and then planting crops and seeds), and with each level players can add more to their home, garden, farm or whatever you want your private space to be. Players are required to reach level 10 before participating in this feature and it is also important to note that once a player chooses a location for their homestead it will always be located in that specific location, so choose carefully.

Players can participate in a number of features in their homestead, from decorating their homes and placing furniture to farming, and even growing animals such as cows and roosters which can provide players with various materials. In order to purchase these items and animals as well as maintain some of them, players are required to pay homestead stones which can be harvested via mining a homestead stone, thus obtaining a limited amount of homestead stones per day.

More Information on the official Mabinogi site: http://mabinogi.nexon.net/Guide/AdvancedGuide/All/1/00Fvy

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