Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Mabinogi Ocean Fishing

Mabinogi Ocean FishingThere are many players that players in Mabinogi can participate in fishing, one of the more advanced and rewarding forms of fishing is Ocean Fishing. In order to participate in Ocean fishing players first need the 'The Aspiring Sailor' Title which can be obtained by travelling back and forth between Uladh and Iria at least 10 times. You can do this by visiting Captain Carasek in Port Ceann which is located south of Uladh.

After you've obtained the title you need to travel to Myrddin, located south of Muyu desert in between Giant Bird Mark and Giant Snake Mark. Once there equip the Aspiring Sailor title and speak to Myrddin in order to obtain a small boat that can be used to reach the fishing boat. Whilst on the fishing boat players can obtain many different types of fish that can only be caught while ocean fishing.

Players can even fish up various items and artifacts while ocean fishing. Every now and then a player will fish up a treasure chest containing the artifact, although it will be protected by a monster which you need to defeat, and then claim your reward.

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