Sunday, 8 June 2014

Mabinogi - Pet system

Mabinogi Pet systemThe Pet system on Mabinogi comes with a variety of interesting aspects. For example pets on Mabinogi age the same way that players age, as well as level up. Players can even set up sophisticated pet commands in order to make pets perform certain actions or use certain items depending on the situation (e.g. if the player falls below 20% hp the pet will use a healing item on the player). As pets age they eventually change in appearance as well as have the option to rebirth.

I think one of the most interesting aspects about the Pet system on Mabinogi is that players themselves can play as their pets by selecting them in the character selection menu. Pets have the same mechanics as players, along with a few skills that can be used to combat monsters. Players on Mabinogi can obtain pets by purchasing them from the cash shop and there are many different pets to choose from, each pet comes with its own set of stats along with storage space that players can use as extra space to store their items or loot.

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