Saturday, 7 June 2014

Mabinogi - Rebirth system

Mabinogi rebirth systemThe Rebirth system in Mabinogi allows players to rebirth at any level. The only requirement to rebirth is either a cash shop item or a certain age requirement. Once a player reaches a certain age he/she can rebirth and reset their level back to 1 and change certain features of their character such as their age, or if you bought a rebirth from the cash shop then you can change your appearance.

In Mabinogi a player's age increases by 1 year every week in real time, and after reaching age 19 they can rebirth and select a new age between ages 10-17, meaning they have to wait at least 2 weeks or a maximum of 9 weeks before they can rebirth again. The purpose of rebirth is to have the ability to gain more ability points, because each time you level up you gain extra ability points which can be used to gain more skills and increase base stats.

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