Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Mabinogi Transformations

Mabinogi TransformationsMabinogi comes with four different types of transformations, two for humans and one each for elves and giants. Players can obtain these transformations after completing certain storyline quests. When players obtain these transformations, they also obtain a range of abilities that can only be used during the transformed state, which can be upgraded afterwards. In addition transformations provide players with a huge increase in stat boosts. The transformation ability can be levelled up itself in order to increase the bonus stats and improve appearance while transformed.

Mabinogi Transformation Feature

The Mabinogi Transformations include Paladins and Dark Knights for humans, which become available after completing all of Generation 2 quests for Paladins, and after finishing the Dark Knight quest for Dark Knights. Falcons are a transformation for elves, available after completing all the generation 2 quests as well. Finally Beasts for giants after finishing the generation 2 quests too. Each Transformation provides players with several powerful abilities, which are unique to every transformation.

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