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Mabinogi - Wedding system

Mabinogi Marriage
 A lot of players on Mabinogi will eventually want to form a stronger bond with that special someone, and that's why Mabinogi has a wedding system that allows that to happen. The marriage system doesn't discriminate and therefore players of the same or opposite genders can get married if they wish, even opposite races can get married (except for elves and giants, since it seems like those two races have some bad history). Overall Mabinogi does a really good job with providing players with the full marriage experience.

Wedding Requirements and Engagement

Mabinogi Wedding systemIn order to get married, players need to locate a wedding hall. There are several wedding halls located all over the world of Mabinogi, each one suited for different races. Players are also required to get engaged first, which requires 5k gold and then a further 25k gold in order to pay for the wedding itself. The way engagement works is that a player is required to talk to a wedding helper outside one of the wedding halls, then choose to get engaged and type in the name of their partner along with an engagement proposal. Once the partner accepts, the player will obtain an engagement ring.

Players are then required to set a date for their wedding, and they can even print out wedding invitations to their friends. Players can also set up a password in the wedding hall during their wedding day, preventing uninvited players from crashing the wedding (players who have wedding invitations won't need to know the password and will be able to enter the wedding hall directly).

Wedding Day

Mabinogi Marriage systemFinally on the wedding day, players need to speak to the wedding helper and choose the 'open the wedding' option and then have to pay the remaining 25k as mentioned before for the wedding itself. Once the wedding starts, players have a total of 30 minutes to complete the wedding, otherwise it will be cancelled. There are also optional tuxes and wedding dresses that can be rented out for a fee at every wedding hall, although they are completely optional and not a requirement to get married.

Afterwards the groom and the bride-to-be will exchange vows and rings, thus concluding the ceremony. They will also obtain 'the married' title which gives pretty good bonuses. There are also 10 minutes at the end of the wedding for the married couple to take photos of their memorable day. Thus providing players with the full marriage experience.


And if that wasn't realistic enough players can of course get a divorce as well, there are two different types of divorces. A mutual divorce means both partners have reached an agreement that they want a divorce and it will cost them 20k gold to have a divorce. And then there is the forced divorce which means a player can divorce their partner at any time, but will have to pay a 50k gold fee. Players will also lose their 'The Married' title after divorce.

More Information on the official Mabinogi site: http://mabinogi.nexon.net/Guide/AdvancedGuide/All/3/004qA

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