Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Mabinogi Weekday Bonuses

Mabinogi Boosts and EffectsMabinogi has a pretty unique feature called 'weekday bonuses' which determines what special bonuses and effects players will receive depending on the day of the week. If you want to find out what day of the week it is and what bonuses/effects it brings, hover your mouse cursor over the current mabinogi time in your interface. Each day of the week has a different name, with 3-5 unique affects and bonuses on each day.

Monday(Alban Eiler)

Alban Eiler is known as the day of production, therefore your production success rates are increased along with the quality of items produced. Players will also gain bonus exp whenever they upgrade a life skill. Making this day perfect for production.


Mabinogi Weekday BoostsBatlane is the perfect day to go on a dungeon run, as all rewards in treasure chests and drop rates from monsters in dungeons are increased. Another feature during Baltane is that all dungeon formats tend to change. Finally players will gain bonus exp from leveling up their combat skills during Baltane.

Wednesday(Alban Heruin)

Alban Heruin brings a lot of interesting effects. Such as Gathering skills gain a boost in success rate, Cash shop items become available for purchase at a 5% discount rate and all bank transaction fees are also reduced by 5%. Players who rank up a fully trained skill will also gain bonus exp on this day.
Mabinogi Bonuses


During Lughnasadh  magic user will notice a number of benefits. Such as an exp boost for ranking up magic skills, an increase in the Proficiency level of worn equipment and a higher enchant success rate.

Friday(Alban Elved)
Alban Elved is the day of combat and part-time jobs. The exp penalty for getting knocked unconscious is reduced, along with an increased potency of potions such as health/mana potions etc... And of course part time jobs will give increased exp and gold rewards.


Mabinogi WeekdaysSamhain  is the day of growth, where players will probably see visible physical changes in their character such as an increase in height, and their characters will age by one year. Samhain is also the day where exploration and sketching becomes easier, making this day the perfect day for exploration. Finally Samhain boosts the buffs obtained from eating certain foods.


Imbolic is the day of musicians, increasing the success rate of playing instruments, also increasing the chances of taming a monster through music. The critical rate is also increased for both players and monsters, and players have a higher chance of getting a lucky finish.

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