Wednesday, 25 June 2014


MMORPG NecromancersNecromancers are a very intriguing class which isn't all that common in most MMORPGs. There are certain classes that share similarities with them or are even identical to them such as Summoners or Warlocks. Necromancers in general are usually considered a specialised class in MMORPGs with class advancements, and are considered as the dark or evil mages. Their spells usually consist of Shadow and Fire elements, with abilities that allow them to drain life, curse or burn their targets.

Depending on the build and talents of a Necromancer, they are usually focused on spirit for mana regeneration instead of intelligence because a lot of their abilities tend to be damage over time instead of instant spell damage.

Of course the potentially most well known and popular feature amongst necromancers is their ability to summon demons and various dark beasts, or even turn into demons themselves. This is a huge part of Necromancers, because it enables them to distract their targets with their minions while doing damage from a distance, or obtain buffs from their summons.

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