Monday, 2 June 2014

Problems with crowded or empty servers in MMORPGs

MMORPG Crowded or Empty ServersSome people may consider servers having lots of people is great for the economy and makes it easy to find groups for dungeon runs, or having little people is better for grinding on monsters instead of having tons of people stealing your kills or taking all the rare monster kills that give large rewards. But both have a lot more disadvantages than advantages.

For example crowded servers can cause a lot of lag or connection issues, as some MMORPG servers can't always handle large numbers of people, not to mention the fact that it might take longer to join the server due to queues in case there are too many people. Other Issues include lack of training spots, when there are people at nearly every leveling ground. Same goes for gathering resources such as ore or herbs, chances are you will need to compete with many other people to obtain them.

While Servers with low amount of players might not have any of those issues, they come with many different problems. Such as prices tend to be high in auction houses or market stalls, especially for rare items, because with less players there are far fewer players to obtain them and therefore there are less items in the economy. Less players also makes it very difficult to find groups for dungeons or group quests.

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