Thursday, 19 June 2014

Sprinting or Running in MMORPGs?

Sprinting and Jumping in MMORPGsAlthough these two features may not seem that important, they do tend to provide a much more interactive gameplay, and offer players more freedom over their character. Although sprinting is usually being adapted into normal walking speed, meaning players usually jog or run slowly all the time instead of having to switch between walking and sprinting. Whereas jumping is a whole aspect on its own, and some people may argue that it is pointless as it has very little to no effect during combat or exploration.

Although jumping can be a vital aspect of some MMORPGs, where it is required in order to access certain areas. While sprinting is just a temporary boost which is used to get from one point to another at a faster speed, or it can possibly be adapted into PVP, to allow players to rush their targets or to get away from them temporarily in order to replenish hp/mana/cooldowns. I think both are very important, but it is more likely that sprinting will die out, due to many MMORPGs allowing players to run at all times anyway.

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