Friday, 27 June 2014

survival MMORPGs

Survival MMOsI've noticed there aren't that many survival MMORPGs out there, in fact even the currently existing ones are hardly considered actual survival MMOs. For example minecraft may be considered an MMO and it does contain survival elements, but survival isn't exactly challenging on minecraft by any means. Survival actually is of pretty low concern for players on minecraft.

I think survival MMORPGs would be a great addition to the MMORPG market and I don't mean post apocalyptic zombie survival MMORPGs because there are already tons of those. I mean MMORPGS where players have to try their hardest simply to survive, by scavenging for food, staying warm etc... It might sound like a boring concept but look at the game 'don't starve' it is a game solely focused on survival that awards players for surviving as long as possible. It is a really well done and entertaining game, which hopefully will inspire some MMORPG companies to create something similar.

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