Thursday, 26 June 2014

What are 2.5D MMORPGs

what are 2.5D MMORPGsTypically an MMORPGs can be categorised as either 2D or 3D. Meaning players can see the MMORPG from only a single angle/perspective(2D), or players have the ability to interact with the environment from various different angles and perspectives(3D). But there are some MMORPGs that are actually hard to define, which is why they fall to the 2.5D Category. These MMORPGs are usually 2D MMORPGs that contain 3D Elements.

For example a 2D top down MMORPG may have various features or events in the game that may change the camera angle to zoom in on the character and allow players to navigate around their characters and participate in a 3D environment for a limited amount of time or in certain limited areas before going back to the standard 2D perspective. These types of MMORPGs switch between 2D and 3D regularly, which is why it is fair to say that they are 2.5D based MMORPGs.

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