Thursday, 3 July 2014

Can MMORPG Worlds be too large

Large MMORPG WorldsCertain MMORPGs have very large continents and as new MMORPGs come out, they introduce even larger worlds for players to explore. In some cases some worlds are so large it can take players many hours to get from one point on the map to the other. This can sometimes make questing problematic, because if some quest NPCs are difficult to find it can take a very long time to explore a certain area in order to find them. But these MMORPG worlds aren't just the same environments over and over, there are a lot of different ecosystems, mountains and villages to explore.

One way that MMORPGs assist players in travelling and exploring these gigantic worlds is by providing them with teleportation scrolls, land mounts, flying mounts speed boosts and more.

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