Sunday, 20 July 2014

de-leveling in MMORPGs

De-leveling in MMORPGsDe-leveling is something that makes me cringe from just thinking about it. It is a feature that is available on a few MMORPGs that forces players to lose levels if their exp drops below 0% whenever they die and receive an exp reduction penalty. This feature forces players to play very carefully and really makes them think whenever they come across certain monster NPCs and have to decide whether it's worth engaging them.

Of course most of these MMORPGs limit this feature to prevent players from completely de-leveling back to level 1, by giving players a limit to how much they can de-level. Such as a max of 1-3 levels below the highest level the player has ever reached. So for example if a player reaches level 50, they can only drop down to level 47-49 from constant dying.

I personally don't like this feature, as it can ruin hours or even days of grinding just by having a bad day and dying a few times, especially at high levels. This also makes players feel as if the levels they have aren't even guaranteed and can be lost at any point, which really removes a lot of the feeling of progression in an MMORPG. Although I guess it does have some benefits, such as reaching higher levels feels more challenging and rewarding.

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