Sunday, 27 July 2014

Eden Eternal Auction House

Eden Eternal Auction House system
The Auction feature on Eden Eternal is pretty standard as with most MMORPGs. Players need to talk to an auction NPC within the Aven Marketplace in order to start selling/buying items via auction. There is a limit of 20 auctions that can be put up for sale at a time, as well a 5% transaction fee. The Auction house on Eden Eternal intends to keep transactions anonymous, by not showing any of the names of the players who sell or buy the items. If a transaction is made, players can collect their item/money in their mailbox.

Of course there are various filters to search for items whether it's for certain levels, classes etc. Players can also use keywords such as 'holy' or 'thunder' amongst many other item stats in order to find items that contain those specific stats.

For more information visit the official Eden Eternal wiki guide:

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