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Eden Eternal Couple system

Eden Eternal Couple systemPlayers on Eden Eternal can choose to become a couple, which will not only help strengthen their bond, but also provide various benefits when participating in various activities together on Eden Eternal. Players can become a couple regardless of their gender or race.

Becoming a couple

Eden Eternal Lover systemIn order to become a couple, one of the players needs to right click on the other player's face icon and select the option 'dating invitation' which will prompt a message to the other player asking them to agree or decline

Benefits & Luv Coins

The benefits from being a couple include the ability to see each other on the map as well as receive a buff when the two players are within a close enough distance of each other. Which gives both players an extra 10% CP and EXP.

A new feature also becomes available to couples, called the luv coin feature. Luv coins can be earned when the couple do dungeons together, or receive achievements(for every 20 achievement points the couple accumulate, they will gain 1 luv coin). Other ways to earn luv coins are through daily events and for staying together every 7 days (the couple will get a certain amount of luv coins based on their level).

After accumulating enough luv coins, players can visit the sweetheart shop where they can purchase potions and couple skills such as buffs

Breaking up

And if for some reason things aren't working out players always have the option to break up. Both players will lose all of their luv coins, but will retain their luv skills which can be used again if they become a couple with anyone else again. Also the player who decides to break up will gain a debuff that lasts 24 hours, preventing them from marrying anyone else until the debuff disappears.

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