Sunday, 13 July 2014

Eden Eternal Farming

Eden Eternal FarmingThe farming system on Eden Eternal Allows players to purchase farming assignments from NPCs, which means that the NPCs themselves will do the farming instead of the players. Each Farming Assignment costs money, requires a certain amount of time to complete and even has a success rate, meaning the NPCs can sometimes fail to collect anything or in other cases collect more materials than expected. There is also a certain workshop and total level requirement in order to farm for materials, and the higher your level + workshop level, the better assignments you can purchase in order to gain higher quality farming materials.

The Cash Shop on Eden Eternal offers gathering aids and gathering scroll which reduce the gathering time by 95% and increase success rate. Also the best place to farm is in guild towns, where success rates are higher and the gathered materials are higher quality. Players can have up to 10 assignments at the same time.

More Information on the Official Eden Eternal Wiki site here:

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