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Eden Eternal Pet system

Eden Eternal Detailed Pet systemIn many cases pets can be a player's most valuable ally. On Eden Eternal pets have many built-in features such as pet grades, pet fusion, pet gear, pet levels and much more. Every player can gain a pet at level 5 and have it level up and advance alongside players themselves. Pets can not only fight alongside the player but also pick up any loot dropped by the monsters

How to obtain a pet

As soon as players reach level 4 and complete the limestone mountain quests they need to speak to the village head: Andrew and obtain a Oracle Magi Quest. Then after reaching level 5 players can speak to Zumi Merchant Alec in order to choose from several different types of pets to select their very first pet.  The pet can be summoned by right clicking it in your inventory.

Pet Combat

Eden Eternal PetsAfter players complete the level 25 Pet's combat skill quest, they can start using their pets more efficiently, enabling them to fight alongside the player, rest, use various pet skills amongst other actions. Players need to remember to feed their pets in order for the pets to keep fighting, otherwise pets will run out of energy and will only assist the player by collecting items dropped by monsters.

Pet Grades

There are three different types of pet grades on Eden Eternal: Normal, Alpha and Prime. Each grade enables pets to have extra battle and pray abilities, making them a lot more useful in combat.

Pet Gear

Pet Gear can be purchased from various NPCs across Eden Eternal or obtained from monster drops. Pet Gear helps pets gain extra valuable stats by equipping certain weapons and armour.
Eden Eternal Pet skills

Pet Levels

Pets level the same way as players do, by killing monsters for exp. After reaching a certain amount of exp a pet will level up and its stats will rise each time. The higher level the pet, the more useful it will be to the player.

Pet Fusion

If players want different battle and pray skills for their pets they can combine two different level 40 pets in order to get different results. Pets also need to remove any equipment and have to be in rest status for the pet fusion to work. Once the pets are fused, the skills will be chosen at random, so there is a chance to obtain a pet with the exact same skills as before the fusion.

For more Information on Pets visit the official Eden Eternal Wiki:

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