Monday, 28 July 2014

Eden Eternal Player Housing feature

Eden Eternal Player Housing systemPlayers on Eden Eternal who reach level 35 can take part in the player housing feature that allows them to have their own private space in the game. Although instead of actually owning the houses, players are required to rent them out, costing them 52 gold at level 35, but with each level after level 35, the price of rent goes up by + 500 silver. Players can choose several different cities to rent their house in, although their houses can only be entered through their chosen city, so choose wisely.


Players are typically expected to pay their rent every week, although if they can't pay it for 10 weeks straight, their house gets repossessed. In which case players will lose all of the furniture in the house unless they put the furniture in the bank before that happens. Also if players have a home in the guild town and their guild gets disbanded, their home will be moved to Aven.


Players can view other peoples houses as well as choose who can view their houses by speaking to the housing manager and changing their authority settings.


Players can use the warehouses located in their home in order to access their furniture, which they can use to decorate their homes. Players can place furniture anywhere they desire within their homes.


Players who desire to have more housing space can choose to expand their homes. First they need to speak to their butler, who is located inside their home. Then players can choose to rent more space, there are up to 3 extra expansion options available, each one costs more than the previous one.


There is even an option to host a banquet, that gives players the opportunity to gain exp and buffs. These can be hosted once per day and the house needs to meet certain requirements for the banquet. Finally there needs to be at least 3 players present and in a party in order to host the banquet

More information and details on the Official Eden Eternal Wiki:

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