Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Eden Eternal Socketing system

Edden Eternal Socketing systemIn order to socket gems into various pieces of equipment, players need to first obtain chisels. Every chisel has a level, meaning a chisel has to match or exceed the level of the equipment in order for the socketing to be successful. Each piece of equipment has a maximum number of gems that can be socketed into it. The maximum number of gems that can be socketed into a particular piece of equipment depends on the quality of it, as well as what type of item it is.

For example Orange/Yellow quality items have 4 socketing slots for chest armour and 2 for all other pieces of armour, as for weapons 1-handed swords and shields have 3 socketing slots, while two handed weapons have 6. Blue/Green quality items have 2 slots for chest armour, 1 each for other parts of armour, 2 for the 1-handed weapons/shields and 4 for two handed weapons.

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