Thursday, 3 July 2014

Grinding on MMORPGs

MMORPG GrindingGrinding in gaming terms is the action of repeatedly killing monsters for the exp and possible loot. It is a process that requires little thinking and is mostly just a repetitive process that players have to repeat over and over in order to reach higher levels. It is an alternative to questing, or in some cases is the only way to achieve higher levels on an MMORPG as there may not be any quests available at certain levels.

And although it is not a term exclusively used on MMORPGs, it is still more common amongst MMORPGs than video games. And unlike video games, most MMORPGs expect their players to have to grind through some levels. Since the level cap tends to be really high compared to video games and depending on the MMORPG, there aren't always quests that will allow players to quest their way all the way to max level.

And this isn't really a problem since a lot of MMORPGs make grinding rewarding by giving players a chance to obtain rare items from monsters, or adding various events and extra features that can make grinding more fun and less dull such as giving players pets, equipment levels, daily quests or combos.

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