Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Group Monsters in MMORPGs

MMORPG Groups of MonstersDepending on the MMORPG, there tend to be monsters or other NPCs that linger in groups. While for some players this is a good thing, for others it can mean a difficult battle or even a battle to completely avoid. The reason for this is because some player classes are designed for one on one combat, therefore fighting multiple monsters would be problematic since these classes either aren't designed to inflict aoe damage and therefore would take a long time to kill the monsters and would take a lot of damage in the process or players just don't have the ability to sustain much damage at all and focus keeping their enemies at a distance, which would be difficult against a group of monsters.

On the other hand, some classes do better against multiple opponents. Simply because they may be equipped with aoe skills and therefore can take down a large group of monsters in no time at all. A lot of MMORPGs have monsters grouped together, which provides players with challenges, as well as teaching you which battles to fight and which ones to avoid. In some cases, certain monsters need to be killed first. For example the high damage dealing monsters or the healer monsters need to be killed first, and only then should players worry about the low damage dealing tanky monsters.

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