Wednesday, 9 July 2014

MMORPG Friendly PVP Duels vs PVP servers/areas

MMORPG PVPThere are many different ways to approach PVP in an MMORPG. The less heavy pvp MMORPGs usually allow players to participate in pvp combat in the form of a duel which means both players have to agree to duel, and after they finish fighting no one dies and no one loses any items, its simply a means to test your skills. While the more hardcore or pvp heavy MMORPGs have entire areas or even servers that have all out pvp outside of towns or cities. Meaning if a player ventures outside of a safe zone (usually towns/cities) they can be attacked by a player of a similar level and have their inventory items or depending on the MMORPG even some of their equipment stolen.

Some MMORPGs don't even have level restrictions, meaning a high level player can attack someone much lower level than them, making life very difficult for beginner players. Although usually there are some systems that prevent players from getting attacked until they reach a certain level. But even then newer players don't stand a chance against seasoned players. But although this causes people to get angry or upset, it does make players much more competitive and value the chance to kill mobs without getting killed by other players. MMORPGs with hardcore pvp are definitely designed for regular players instead of casual gamers.

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