Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Problems with MMORPG Sequels

Problems with MMORPG SequelsIn contrast to video game sequels, MMORPG sequels tend to have mixed opinions from people because MMORPGs aren't designed the same way as video games. MMORPGs are designed to last as long as possible because players never stop developing their characters. The problem with an MMORPG sequel is that the prequel gets overshadowed and isn't as relevant as a lot of the playerbase move on to the sequel MMORPG, and in a lot of cases the MMORPG company itself just shuts down the prequel due to the lower number of people on it.

And although both video games and MMORPGs have progression in them, MMORPGs have an endless amount more due to the fact that there is usually no limit on progression in MMORPGs, whereas video games usually have a limit to how far players can progress. And it really isn't difficult to see why a lot of players get upset when an MMORPG company simply deletes their characters, after all the long hours of leveling have been put in to them. MMORPGs need to find a way to transfer all, or at least most of the work that players have put in to their characters into sequel MMORPGs, so that players don't feel like they've completely wasted their time.

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