Thursday, 28 August 2014

580k dollars for a single anime episode?

I know a lot of people aren't going to share my opinion but I'm slightly confused as to how $580k is considered a reasonable amount for a 24 minute episode. Under the Dog is an anime kickstarter campaign by creative Intelligence arts, it is going to be a sci-fi anime episode, although if it reaches it's stretch goals, it will either have a sequel + prequel episode, or it will be turned into a 90-120 minute feature film(depending on how well their stretch goals do). But I have my doubts about this campaign. They have 9 days left and they haven't even reached half of their goal.

Not to mention the fact that the stretch goals are ridiculously high, up to $5.1 million, the people behind this might have overestimated themselves. Don't get me wrong I love the idea of new and original anime concepts, but I don't see how they expect so much money for 24 minutes worth of content, especially in such a competitive industry. A lot of which will be influenced by the backers themselves ( the higher backers get to design new characters along with dialogue). Now I'm not sure how much dialogue and appearances these characters will have, but if it's significant enough, I feel as it will take away a lot of the creativity from the writers.

The worst part is that they keep mentioning how they are hoping to get more than the $580k, as they will need a higher production and advertising budget. Almost as if they are incredibly confident in this campaign and expect the people to pay for everything.

I have nothing against the actual idea and concept, I just think the creators shouldn't expect the viewers to pay such an extensive amount, if it was an anime series I would understand. Anyway if you want to read up more about this or support it then the link is here:

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