Monday, 25 August 2014

Asda 2 Avatar Costume system

Asda 2 Avatar Costumes The Avatar system on Asda 2 allows players to visually customise their characters using costumes. But what makes costumes different on Asda 2 than on most MMORPGs, is the fact that players can add runes to parts of their costumes via socketing. Each costume piece can be socketed, although common avatar costumes can only have 1 socketed rune, while the rare costumes can have 2. This creates a lot of opportunities for players to increase their stats.

Players need the right materials to socket their avatar costumes. And there is a success rate, which can be increased via cash shop items. Also to obtain runes to socket into their costumes, players need to either purchase them from the cash shop or get them from disassembling unwanted costumes. There are several different types of runes in terms of quality, and of course the higher the quality the higher stat boost players will gain after socketing the rune into their avatar costume.

More Information Available on the Asda 2 Official Website:

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