Friday, 29 August 2014

Asda 2 Crafting system

Asda 2 Crafting systemCrafting on Asda 2 is a great way to obtain equipment, weapons, potions and various other accessories. Crafting works via the use of crafting scrolls, they teach the player a crafting skill after double clicking on them. Each crafting scroll has a crafting level requirement that players need to meet, before learning the crafting skill. These scrolls can be obtained in many ways, such as through fishing, hunting monsters, bought from NPCs and more.

Asda 2 DisassemblingPlayers next need to obtain the required materials in order to attempt to craft. Crafting materials can be obtained in many ways such as: digging, fishing, disassembling weapons, NPCs and various other ways. Players can disassemble items from their inventory by clicking the orange box, or using hte "V" shortcut on their keyboard. Then players can disassemble any of their items into random materials.

After players have learn the recipe and have the crafting materials for it, they can then go to one of the blacksmiths in the game and begin crafting that item. If the crafting process is successful, players will get the item in either common, uncommon or rare quality (as well as crafting experience). Otherwise if the crafting process fails, players lose all the crafting materials used in the process. Also when crafting potions and various other similar items, players have a small chance of gaining extra potions for free.

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