Thursday, 28 August 2014

Asda 2 Fishing System

Asda 2 Fishing NPC ArshesAsda 2 has a pretty detailed fishing feature that comes with a small crafting feature as well as many useful rewards. Players can visit the fishing NPC Arshes in River Rein to buy supplies for the fishing feature. The NPC sells various fishing poles, different types of bait and fish crafting recipes.

Asda 2 FishingOnce players purchase the fishing supplies they need, they can look for a fishing spot, which is indicated with a fish icon on the map. Players then need to get near the fishing spot and use the fishing skill located in the player's misc menu. When fishing, a blue bar appear, which indicated the amount of time until they catch something. Players can sometimes obtain various items, gold, event items or sometimes nothing at all. While fishing players cant access any of their menus, if they wish to stop fishing then they need to click the icon that appears on the right side of their status bar.

There are multiple purposes for fish. Players can either use them for various events, consume them to restore mana, sell them to NPCs or craft various buff potions out of them. If players wish to participate in crafting potions they first need to buy crafting recipes from Arshe. Then double click the recipe to learn it (Players need to have a high enough crafting level to learn certain crafting recipes). Once you've learnt the recipe, you can visit the blacksmith and attempt to craft the various potions using the fish materials.

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