Sunday, 24 August 2014

Asda 2 Guild system

Asda 2 Guild systemThe guild system on Asda 2 has a variety of features. It contains the standard guild window along with guild chat and guild ranks. The guild leader also has an option to make announcements and has the ability to customise what privileges different ranks get, although all the higher ranking players must at least have all the privileges of lower ranking players.

One Particularly unique feature is that players have the option to choose to donat
e points towards guilds, which helps the guild level up. The points are accumulated either way whether the player is in a guild or not, but the limit is 3000 points, and they can't earn any more points until they donate some of, or all of the points to a guild. Players can donate guild points through the guild window after joining a guild. Earning guild points is possible through almost any activity whether its crafting, killing monsters, questing, obtaining titles and much more.

When a guild levels up the maximum member capacity of the guild increases. Also the guild gains a variety of new guild skills that can be activated through spending guild points. These skills involve exp increases, and various stat buffs that are available to all players and become more effective as the guild levels up.

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