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Asda 2 Pet system

Asda 2 Pets
Asda 2 has a very sophisticated pet system. Pets not only boost the players stats but have a significant impact on the gameplay and provide a wide range of features to the MMO. Pets come with a number of unique features such as Pet Synthesis, Pet Evolution, Limit breaking and various others.

Obtaining a pet egg

Before you can have your own pet, you first need to obtain the egg from which it hatches. Certain monsters drop certain eggs, and they can drop common/uncommon/rare versions of that pet. Pets can also be purchased from the cash shop, which includes hero pets.

Hatching the eggs

Asda 2 Pet InterfaceIn order to hatch the egg, players need to purchase an incubator from the pet NPC. There are three types of incubators:
  • Incubator(costs 10k gold and has a low chance of success)
  • Great Incubator(costs 50k gold and has a medium chance of success)
  • Superior Incubator (costs 500k gold, but has a 100% success rate)
If the hatching process is successful, both the egg and the incubator will disappear and players will obtain a pet, otherwise if the hatching is unsuccessful, players will lose the egg and the incubator and will be left with nothing.

Summoning pets alongside you

Players can summon their pets from their Pet storage located in their inventory. Players can have up to 6 pets at a time, although through cash shop purchases the maximum number of owned pets can be raised to 30, which requires 4 expansion purchases(6 extra pet slots per purchase). Once the pet is summoned, players will gain a stat boost, as well as a window that displays all the stats of the pet.

Feeding Pets

Asda 2 Pet LevelA pet's hunger level will decrease by 1% every minute, and if it reaches 0% the pet will faint. It is important to note that different pets require different types of food: herbivores need plant food, carnivores need meat food and the mechanical pets need oil. There are cash shop items available that feed a pet for several hours or several days without the player having to worry about it.

Reviving a Pet

If the pet does end up fainting, then a player needs to use a pet revive potion on it which can be crafted with level 1 crafting.

Pet leveling

When a pet is summoned, it will gain exp every 3 minutes and will eventually level up just like the player and it will gain extra stat boosts. Also eventually the pet will begin to change in size and appearance after a certain amount of levels. Pet exp potions can be used to speed up the leveling up process of a pet, which can be obtained through various events or bought in the cash shop. 

Pet Limit Break

Asda 2 Pet Limit BreakEventually pets reach a point where they reach their maximum level, at that point they need to undergo a process called 'limit break' this allows the pet to keep increasing its level. At pet levels 3 and 4, players can purchase limit break potions from the pet shop NPC, although at level 5, players need to obtain the potions through killing field boss monsters.

Note that players need to be level 30+ to use limit break, and even higher depending on what level they want their pet to progress to. There is also a chance of failure when using the limit break potion, upon failure the potion is lost and the pet's current level exp is reduced to 50%. Otherwise if it's successful then the pet will reach the next level and the potion will disappear. Players can purchase a limit break protector in order to reduce the exp loss penalty if the limit break fails from 50% down to 10%.

Pet Evolution

Asda 2 Pet systemPlayers need to be at least level 30 in order to evolve their pets. When evolved, the pets gain a stat increase along with a change in appearance, pets can be evolved up to 2 times and the material requirements are higher during the second evolution. The evolution process requires an extra 'material pet' along with the pet you want to evolve, as well as a rank potion from the pet shop NPC, which is where you can evolve your pet. The character level requirement to evolve your pet goes up each time you wish to evolve your pet.

If the attempt to evolve your pet fails, then the extra pet and the potion get destroyed, although you will keep your main pet that you tried to evolve. There is also a level requirement for both the main pet and material pet in order to undergo evolution, the 'Synthesis Supplement' purchased from the cash shop reduces the level requirement for the material pet. If a player uses a higher level 'material pet' there is more chance the player will get a higher quality evolved pet.

Random Synthesis

Asda 2 Pet EvolutionRandom Synthesis allows players to combine any two pets in order to produce a completely random new pet. There are no specific combinations that work, it is 100% random. Also this process allows players to obtain special pets that can only be acquired through Random Synthesis, making them especially rare. The quality of the pets you combine has absolutely no effect on the quality or rarity of the pet you get, therefore this feature is 100% random and has a 100% success rate.

The requirements for this feature are two level 5 pets (one of which can be level 3 if you're using Synthesis Supplement). A rank potion along with a class potion from the pet shop NPC are also needed.

For information about different types of pets, and required materials to synthesise or evolve pets visit the official Asda 2 website:

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