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Asda 2 Soulmate

Asda 2 Soulmate SystemThe soulmate system on Asda 2 allows two players to become a couple and gain various benefits from training together such as soulmate skills, various buffs, ability to teleport to each other and much more.

How to become Soulmates

Players who wish to be soulmates have to right click on the desired soulmate and select 'request soulmate' which will then prompt a message to the other player with your request. Another way to look for soulmates and send requests without them being in front of you is through the soul statue located in Alpen town. Soon as a player accepts your request, you will both officially become soulmates. Also this goes for all characters that are on each player's account, meaning any alt accounts the players have, will become soulmates too.
Asda 2 Soulmate request

Soulmate Skills

As a couple's soulmate level goes up they gain many new skills that are available to soulmates only. Such as the ability to resurrect a soulmate without any penalty, summoning your soulmate to you as well as various stat buffs. The skills can be used in combinations, which prove to be very useful, although they all have cooldowns that range between 15 seconds and 12 hours.

Asda 2 Soulmate featureA really great soulmate skill is the Delivery of Soulbody skill which allows the player logging off to give his soul to their couple, and while their couple keeps training and gaining exp, part of that exp will be given to their soulmate when they log back on. For this skill to work players need to have soulstones, and as they acquire higher level soulstones they will be able to gift even higher amounts of exp to their soulmates.

Cancel the Soulmate Feature

If either of the players want to cancel the soulmate feature, they can do so at any point by going to the cave located in the northwest part of Alpen town. There is no penalty for players who end their soulmate relationship, only a record is kept of the past 3 soulmates and whenever a player finds a new soulmate, their soulmate level is reset to level 1.

Golden Apple

When Soulmates both kill monsters together, bonus exp will be stored away in the form of an apple, which after 100 monster kills will become a golden apple, which can then be eaten to gain the bonus exp, which is determined by the level of the monsters, as higher level monsters give more bonus exp.

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