Monday, 25 August 2014

Asda 2 - Titles

Asda 2 Titles
Asda 2 has decided to implement a pretty unique twist to player titles. As with most MMORPGs with the title feature, players can obtain titles through various achievements such as reaching certain levels, unlocking secrets, or performing tasks. But the unique twists is that players can combine titles together in order to create their own unique titles. The combination of titles has no effect on a player's stat, but it shows a customised title above the player's head (only two titles can be combined to make up custom titles).

Another unique aspect that Asda 2 has introduced into this feature is that the total amount of titles a player owns, will determine their ranking based on 'title points' which are gained for every title. And if a player reaches the top 1000 in the rankings, then that player will gain a significant stat boost. And as players climb the top 1000 ranking ladder, they will gain even better stat boosts depending on their position in the rankings. The amount of points gained from a title depends on how difficult it is to obtain it.

More Information available on the official Asda 2 Website:

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