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Eden Eternal Arcane Box

The Arcane Box is a feature on Eden Eternal that allows players to perform 5 different features such as Disassembling items for resources, Secret Formula feature that enables players to obtain special items, Reforging Equipment attributes and more.

Special Formula

The special Formula Feature lets players create various weapons, potions and other items by gathering certain materials. Players first need to work out the formula either by themselves or from other players or guides online, if the formula fails, players will lose all the ingredients apart from the main ingredient.

Costume Swap

Eden Eternal Special FormulaThere are two parts to this feature, first its costume fusing which lets players fuse 5 same costumes of the same grade in order to get the same costume but one grade higher ( for example 5 white costumes fused together will give one green costume). Although fusing costumes has a chance of failure, which increases with higher grade fusions, although players can purchase scrolls in order to increase the success rate.

Costume Swap on the other hand allows players to swap one costume into another random costume by using a blue essence. Costume swap has a 100% success rate.


Reforging allows players to reforge the attributes on their equipment, the materials needed vary depending on the items and there is a 50% success rate, if it fails players will lose the materials although they will keep their equipment.

Fuse & Transform

Players can fuse lower grade equipment in order to create higher grade equipment of the same type. This works by using 5 equipment of the same type, along with the required materials in order to create a single piece of equipment which will be a higher grade. If the process fails,
players will only lose the materials and keep the 5 pieces of equipment.

Also players can transform Power/Guard scrolls into higher level scrolls. Players need to use 25 scrolls in order to obtain 5 higher level scrolls, there is a 100% success rate.

Eden Eternal Arcane Box Disassembling

Disassembling can be performed on equipment that players don't need or cant use in order to gain crystals and sands which can be sold to NPCs or used as materials for some of the other Arcane Box activities. The success rate is always 100% and players will see beforehand what materials they will get from disassembling the items, although not all items can be disassembled, and higher grade items tend to give better materials.

For more information you can visit Eden Eternal's Official Wiki:

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