Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Eden Eternal Crafting Equipment

Eden Eternal Equipment CraftingUnlike Racial crafting, crafting equipment is available to all players of all races. In order to start crafting equipment players need to acquire blueprints either from Aven merchant vendors, guild towns or even trial dungeons, blueprints bind on pick up, meaning they cannot be traded with other players. The higher quality the equipment players try to craft, the higher chance of failure. Once players have acquired the blueprints they want, they then need to start collecting the materials required to craft the item which are listed on the blueprints.

Materials can be obtained from gathering, guild towns, elite monsters and various other ways. Once players have all the materials for the blueprint, they will then need to go and speak to a molding master who will attempt to create the desired blueprint. There is a chance that he will fail and you will lose all the materials, although using charms will reduce the chance of failure. The chance of success will be displayed right before you confirm the blueprint to be crafted.

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