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Eden Eternal Territory Wars

Eden Eternal Territory Wars Territory Wars is a Guild PVP Feature that allows opposing guilds to battle for territory. Once a guild takes control of an unoccupied territory it then needs to defend it from other guilds until the even finishes and the guild will take control of that territory until the next territory war. While holding this territory the guild members will gain various benefits while training in that territory.


In order to participate in this feature the player needs to be level 30+ and part of a guild. In order to claim a territory the guild also needs to be level 4+. Players will be notified via global message about territory wars that start up daily in various places across the world. Once the global message notifies the players about the territory wars, players need to click the territory war icon which is shaped as a sword and then click 'join'

How it works

If a territory has never been claimed before then all guilds will be on the same team and will have to race each other in order to obtain the highest number of crystals. Afterwards when the map is claimed, players will be able to attack members from other guilds.

There is a 5 minute waiting period before the territory war begins, and the whole even lasts 30 minutes. Players from both guilds will be divided as evenly as possible, matching guilds with the closest number of players and levels.


Eden Eternal Territory Wars MachinesThere is one merchant available for each camp, the merchant sells potions and war machine blueprints. The gold is deducted from the guild bank, therefore only members of the guild who have access to the guild bank can purchase these blueprints. There are various other NPCs that sell equipment blueprints as well as allow players to participate in quests.

War Machines

Some of the war machines are designed to safely carry players as far as possible. While other machines are capable of inflicting up to 3 attacks that cause massive amounts of damage. These machines are immune to debuffs, although they are slower than normal enemies.

Win Conditions

Eden Eternal Territory Wars CrystalsIn order to win players need to meet certain conditions. Such as destroying crystals that are guarded by groups of enemy minions. After destroying the crystal it will turn red, and the enemy team will have to try and take it back, in which case you will have to defend the crystal. The guild who has possession of the crystal at the end of the game will win, and thus will gain control of the territory along with the benefits that come with it.


During this feature players can participate in quests that need to be completed on the battlefield. Also the guild members who have control of a territory will gain buffs whenever they're in that territory which include 10% increase in EXP and CP.

More Information available at the official Eden Eternal Wiki:

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