Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Nostale Guild system(Family system)

Nostale Family/Guild systemThe Guild system on Nostale is called the Family system. Families can consist of up to 100 members and require at least 2 extra players to create (3 including you). The founder of a family receives the title: 'familyhead', and the two co-founder players will receive the 'familydeputy' title. The leader of the family has full control of which players receive what ranks and privileges. In order to create a family or delete one, players need to speak to Mimi Mentor who can be found in NosVille as well as Lucia. If a family is deleted all the members of the family need to wait 24 hours before joining a new family, while the familyhead and the familydeputys need to wait 3 days.

There are many advantages of being part of a family. Such as taking part in family raids, participate in the rainbow battle event and earn a buff for the whole family if you win. Gain access to the land of death area as well as have a separate chat window for family members only. In order to create a family all 3 players need to have selected a profession already and completed the main quest up to Act 1-1. Finally the founder of the family also needs to pay 200k gold in order for the family to be created.

More Information on the Family system at the official Nostale Website: http://en.nostale.gameforge.com/game/basics_social

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