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Nostale Item Upgrades

Nostale RefiningThere are many different methods that players on Nostale can use to upgrade or modify their equipment in order to get the specific type of equipment that they need. Players need to seek out various NPCs for different types of upgrades, as well as provide the required materials for the process.


Players can bet in order to modify the rarity of a piece of armor or a weapon. In order to modify the rarity of the weapon/armor players need to visit Teodor in NosVille or Arnold Artistian in Port Venus. For every attempt to change the rarity of the item, players need to provide 500 gold and 5 cell powder for each attempt.


Strengthening increases the attack and defence of a particular item. Again players will need to seek out the same NPCs as they would with betting: Teodor and Arnold Artistian, as well as bring gold, cell powder and soul gems.


First players need to speak to Soraya Style and bring the required materials. If the refining process fails, only the material will disappear, the equipment or other accessories will remain. 
    Nostale Upgrading
  • Players can refine jewellery via Cellons
  •  Equipment via Soul Gems 
  • And Mini Land structures or mission challenge materials via Crystals.


Players can also improve items by combining them, only same type of items can be combined (e.g. shoes with shoes or gloves with gloves). Players can combine items up to 6 times and require sands from the Dona river as well as a gold in order to attempt to combine the two items, the chance of failure increases as the combination level gets higher.


Shells can be used to add extra attributes to equipment. They come in different rarities which determine the amount of extra attributes they give. Players can obtain shells from Act 4, raids or mini bosses. The shell attributes first need to be identifies via the use of rainbow pearls which can be obtained in act 4. The better the shell attributes the more rainbow pearls you will need to identify it.

To use a shell on weapons/equipment players need to double click on it, and the shell needs to be the same or lower level and rarity of the weapon/piece of equipment, otherwise it cannot be binded to that item. Once it is binded it cannot be traded with other players. An item called an eraser can be used to unbind shells from an item so that a different shell can be used, although it will still stay binded to you and cannot be traded with other players. There is an item that allows players to bind items that are already binded to other players called 'perfume'.

For more information regarding item upgrades visit the official NosTale website:

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