Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Nostale MiniLand

Nostale MiniLand
The MiniLand is sort of like a player owned housing feature on Nostale that allows players to fully customise their own private space, add furniture and invite other players. The MiniLand is also where players store their NosMates. Players can set up a variety of mini games that they can participate in, or have other players take part in as well. Whenever at least two players participate in a mini game they will both start receiving points, and when they accumulate a certain amount of points they will gain a reward. Players can purchase the MiniLand from Mimi Mentor in NosVille. Although it starts off as a basic MiniLand which can be upgraded by acquiring certain recipes and materials in order to have more space.

More Information available at the Official Nostale Website: http://en.nostale.gameforge.com/game/basics_miniland

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