Thursday, 21 August 2014

NosTale Nosmates(Pet system)

Nostale NosmatesNosmates are the pets on Nostale. In order to obtain a Nosmate, players need to first capture a wild monster, note that not all monsters can be captured. In order to capture them, players need to be one level higher than the monster and get its health bar down to yellow. Then the player can attempt to use the capture skill, there is a chance that it will fail and therefore the player needs to wait until the cooldown for that skill is finished until using it again.

Players can own up to 10 pets, or 30 if they purchased the pet expansion slot. Although they can only have one pet fight alongside them at a time, players can choose between their pets in their miniland. When players kill monsters while they're with their pets the pets gain exp and eventually level up, and thus gaining stat boosts. Players can even give their pets special food in order to level them up and keep developing them through training battles.

Another interesting feature similar to the pet system is the partner system. Partners are NPCs that accompany the player through various missions. Players can even have up to three different partners who can also be selected at the player's miniland. Similar to the pets, partners gain exp and levels when alongside the player, and can level up from special food. Unlike the pets though, partners can use various weapons and equipment to further boost their stats.

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