Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Nostale(Time Spaces)

Nostale Time Space StoneThis is sort of the Dungeon feature on Nostale. It is usually included in a lot of quests, where players have to clear rooms in order to keep progressing to the next room. Time Spaces are all timed, and based on how fast you complete them, you will receive a score at the end of the time space, along with a reward. The quality of the reward depends on the score that you receive. There are various different types of time spaces that are scattered across the world, such as hidden time spaces, or quest time spaces.They are instances which can be accessed through timespace stones. Usually they are either part of a quest line, or they are just hard to find time spaces that are completely optional and have nothing to do with quests.
Nostale Time Spaces

If players fail to complete the time space they have to restart it from the very beginning, time spaces can be attempted as many times as players like, although after failing twice they can attempt the time space with a lower difficulty setting with reduced rewards. There are various features that are included in time spaces, such as levers that unlock doors, boxes that contain useful items, crystal balls that unlock various paths and more. Players sometimes need to perform certain missions while in the time space in order to finish them successfully, if they fail to do so they will have to restart the time space. Also if players run out of health or time, they will have to restart the time space as well.

More Information available on the Official Nostale Website: http://en.nostale.gameforge.com/game/basics_timespaces

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